Is Art Dying?

Recently, the effects of the cuts to council funding have caused great strain on museums and galleries, not only in the Sheffield area, but also up and down the UK.

According to William Ross, a Visiting Assistant from the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, this has resulted in the dramatic reduction in the amount of staff now working at the 3 main galleries in Sheffield, which includes Weston Park Museum, Graves Gallery and the Millennium Gallery: “40% of the 106 staff across the museums and galleries in Sheffield has been made redundant.”

Former Education Team member, Tim Bye, also from the Millennium Gallery added, “The Learning Team has reduced from 23 staff to 3.” This calculates to nearly a 98% decrease in the number of workers. Subsequently, the guided tours that the galleries offered have ceased due to the declining number of staff, as they simply cannot accommodate to them any more, says 49 year-old Vicky Brown, Visiting Assistant at the Millennium Gallery.

It’s not all bleak however, 60 year-old museum-goer Derek Weeks says, “Sheffield is a thriving city, the [Millennium Gallery], particularly Ruskin’s Collection, shows what makes art great to the ordinary man.”