The Wilberforce House Museum- Is it Outdated?

Wilberforce House holds some very important history about Kingston upon Hull, but is the increasing development in technology leaving this history behind?

Set in the old town of Hull, surrounded by cobbled streets that wouldn’t be out of place during times William Wilberforce resided there, the house holds great character and a story of prominence in Hull’s past.

Focusing on William Wilberforce as a person and the importance of Wilberforce in the abolition of slavery in Britain and the Empire, the museum aims to link Kingston upon Hull to one of the greatest Civil and Human Right victories in Great British history. Seemingly trying to include and welcome all ages and walks of life into the house, the museum’s intent that everyone can have a similar experience and take in the history in a similar way to one another.

Find out about educational visits to Wilberforce House

Catering to the hearing and visual impaired, the museum offers audio tours that can be downloaded before the visit to the house, and welcomes guide dogs to assist the blind. This factor appeals to the visitors who need extra assistance when coming to Wilberforce House as they know that their needs can be accommodated for at the museum. The museum also offers resources for children’s, with activities available for the younger children to participate in whilst learning about William Wilberforce and the abolition of slavery in the United Kingdom.

Brochures and leaflets can be given to visitors which shows directions to the museum and information about the benefits that they supply in the house, for example wheelchair access and events for people with disabilities, including touch exhibits so that all the guests that come to the museum can get involved.

So, it seems that Wilberforce House is facing the expansion of media well; it is developing how the exhibitions are presented so that it can keep up with the current technologies. As a result the house wants to maintain an audience and keep people interested and engaged with the museum and its history in a new and modern way, whilst still keeping the antiquity of the place a main part of what the house displays.

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