The Many Ways to Blog…

What are your first thoughts when you open up someone’s blog and have a good look around?


The first blog that shall be discussed is Jon Snow’s, who is a well-known newsreader for Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. His blog is extremely clean, easy to use, and very, very basic – but this does not necessarily equal boring.

Snow’s blog posts come up in a list on the main page of the blog, with the most recent entry at the top. The style is very minimalist, it has clear navigation across the blog which links to Jon Snow’s official page on the Channel 4 website, which then shows Snow’s Twitter updates and information about himself, much like a biography.

The content of the blog is very much linked with current affairs across the globe, related to news topics that would be covered by Snow on the Channel 4 7PM news show. The blog details events happening in Jon Snow’s life, for example, his most recent post links the situation in Syria to an interview he did with Kofi Annan about his book which then links in with stories in the news today.


Initially, the blog looks much like any other, with a simple typeface, a white background, yet colourful links to past blog posts and information about what the blogger is taking part in currently. The blog is very usable, it has links to different areas of the blog, and buttons which can take the user to Westbrook’s Twitter account, his online journal, eBooks and so on.

The intended audience can also subscribe to the blog for updates when the blog is updated with new posts, this is a good feature to have on the blog so that the people who are interested in the blog posts can be notified whenever a new piece of information is added.

The content of the blog is very field specific, most of the posts relate to design, web, animation, and media journalism. The target audience is much more particular than that of Jon Snow’s. Although Snow’s blog would mostly be aimed at people aged between 28 and 70, Westbrook’s market is even more definitive; only people in the business of journalism, or people who have an interest in the area would be attracted to read this blog.


Wannabe Hacks is much more interactive than Adam Westbrook’s and Jon Snow’s blogs. This blog is much more like an ordinary website with a specific focus on journalism an the surrounding topics that link into that field. The audience can register and sign up to the blog to  be granted access to exclusive information and content than the viewers who browse the site.

The blog is set up in columns rather than lists like the others. This could be a way to appeal to the audience as to not give to much information as they do not want to overload on the written word. This leads to the use of advertisements and a moving banner at the top and bottom of the page; the inclusion of moving images and images with colour breaks down the information shown on the page and keeps the viewers much more engaged.