Is Blogging Journalism?

My view on whether I think blogging is classed as a medium of journalism…

Over the last couple of years, blogs have become increasingly more popular due to the inflation of Internet users, blogs are now linked to people’s Facebook and Twitter profiles, and main blog sites such as Tumblr and WordPress have garnered more users due to this. I think the main reason blogs have become so major and at the forefront of online communication is that an ordinary person can now express their views on a certain topic, or publish their work and/or opinions on something at the click of a button.

Whether this is journalism is up to the person reading it. Personally, if an employed journalist or writer has a blog and posts professionally written articles onto their blogs, I consider it journalism. However, if an Internet-famous teen runs a blog of their own, that’s a different story altogether. It really depends on the content and the person submitting their “work” on their site. Mostly, I think it depends on the subject and content of the blog that really indicates if the blog is considered journalism, and the writer’s position in the business of journalism, if they’re in the business at all.

Posting photos with a little comment at the bottom isn’t journalism. Posting a video that links from your YouTube account to your blog isn’t journalism. Talking about your love of a certain celebrity or celebrity couple isn’t journalism. But nowadays, most magazines hire writers to post an article to a magazine’s online blog as well as their website; this is to access another Internet medium, and to broaden the amount of people who read the articles published there.

Although, that’s just my view. For example, this post right now, it’s on my blog – but it’s not a properly published piece of online journalism, is it?