The Hubbards… Are They Hull’s Next Big Thing?

Opening for bands such as Little Comets and The Musgraves in venues like The Welly Club and The Cockpit, more and more people have been introduced to their music as a result, and it’s only a matter of time before they make it big. With great stage presence during their live sets, you can’t quite believe they’re still in their teens.

The Hubbards is Reuben Driver, singing and bass guitar; Alex Green, singing and guitar; Ronan Burns, guitar; and Joe Orlowski, drums.

As a result of playing gigs in places such as Leeds, Birmingham, and their hometown of Hull, the boys have gathered a small cult following of fans – and this following doesn’t just include the people of Hull, but fans from different cities nationally who enjoy the band’s sound. Presently, The Hubbards have released a new track called “Bedbugs,” which is available on both UK and US iTunes. (You can buy and download here: iTunesAmazon)

BBC News Humberside online reported last April about their rise to the band circuit, and how they formed whilst studying at Wyke Sixth Form College just 3 years ago. But Hull has a very vibrant music scene, including bands like Rebel Sell, Dead City Streets, Gratitude, and so on.

So maybe they have some stiff competition to be Hull’s number one?

Visit The Hubbards’ website at:

Twitter: @thehubbards

Facebook: The Hubbards