My First Attempt at Formally Sourced News Story

West Yorkshire crime rate reduces

Crime in the county as a whole fell by 5% from June 2011 to June the following year.

Police enforcement has helped slash local burglary numbers in West Yorkshire by a fifth in the last 12 months, according to recent Home Office figures.

Violent attacks are also down by 14%, and vehicle crimes reduced to 7%, due to the new police implementations. DCC Parkinson said, “They come at a time our annual budget has been significantly reduced.”

Deputy Chief Constable John Parkinson further stated that the reduction in the number of burglaries is a top priority for the Force, and added, “It is important for the public of West Yorkshire that crime continues to fall.”

A contributing factor to the major fall in crime rates is the introduction of Project Optimal. This initiative combines the old-fashioned policing with new, cutting edge technology.

Research in the academic fields helped the Force use software to pinpoint specific areas that are at the greatest risk, which then prevents prospective burglaries.

“We police with the support of the communities we serve,” DCC Parkinson added, “It was pleasing to see a significant majority of people agree [that] we deal with local concern.”

“The statistics are very promising and are a result of the hard work and commitment officers put in day in-day out with [along] with our partners to serve our local communities.”