CATS- Lesson 2


The study of signs and symbols in various fields, especially language- OED.


The art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing- OED.

Language designed to persuade or impress- OED.

Signs- the icon, the index, and the symbol. Icon- a sign that resembles or imitates its object, like metaphors, onomatopoeia. Index- a sign that is physically connected to its object, for example pulse, smoke, footprints, rain, signposts. Symbol- a sign whose relationship to its object is arbitrary; alphabet, traffic lights, numbers, punctuation.

The sign- something which is perceived, but which stands for something else.

The concept- the thoughts or images that are brought to mind by the perception of the sign.

The object- the “something else” in the world to which the sign refers.

Individual media organisations have a set of signs that establish the relationship between the organisation and their audiences.

Sender (in) – Message – Receiver (out) – Feedback – Sender. – The eternal loop of meanings that need decoding in semiology.

Semiology was founded by American Philosopher, Charles S. Pierce. (1839-1914)

And, separately, Ferdinand de Saussure. (1857-1913)

The Semiotics presentation was really informative as I found out that it was the study of signs and symbols and these signs are everywhere, constantly subliminally advertising a certain product/service. The audience then associate that symbol with it from then on. Semiotics is a powerful and effective tool in the media business.