Photo Essay

Topic and focus

“Should Graffiti Be Considered Art?” -I have chosen this as the title for my photo essay as I want my images to depict a contrasting view of graffiti being unsightly and a form of vandalism, and it being considered as a way of creating statement art.

The things I will demonstrate with the images that I take will be shutter speed, aperture, compositions, and depth of field.

I shall travel around Hull and the surrounding towns and villages in search of graffiti which ranges from small insignificant doodles, to statement street art pieces. I will analyse the images I take with captions on the pictures; the captions can cover what the image involves, and messages that the graffiti is trying to convey in the photographs.

Shots- daylight and street light during the night. I will use both daylight and street light in my images as I think these lighting techniques will contrast like the subject matter.

Angles- rule of thirds will be used, may include leading lines in the photographs if I can pick up any in the area of the subjects.

I do not expect to find exceptional displays of “street art,” but I shall take pictures of graffiti that range in quality, and graffiti that ranges in meaning/messages that will come across in the images that I shall take.

I shall do a short semiotic analysis on each of the images that I produce this ties in to the subject of my Critical and Theoretical Studies classes which is the study of signs and symbols which I hope to find in some of my subjects in this photo essay.


Banksy- known for his satirical street art and his hate over the government labelling his street artwork as “vandalism.” His pieces of work have been displayed on walls, bridges and streets all over the world.

I find meaningful graffiti to be a form of art, it is a way of people expressing their emotions for everyone to see, which correlates to Banksy’s out-there art he has created in the last 20 years of being a street artist.

Of course, I cannot expect to find such creative work in the local area as Banksy has done, but hopefully the graffiti/street art I come across whilst putting together this photo essay will help me portray the demonstrations of the camera techniques and aid me to create an interesting photo essay as a result of this.


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