Critical Analysis

Short film one- Waltz with Bashir:

The animated short film shows a character being interviewed in a medium shot, talking about a previous experience whilst he was in the Army. The music used in the film when the flashbacks to his experience are shown builds the momentum of what this character is saying in the “documentary” and what the clips are showing. The waltz of ‘Frankel’ is fast paced with panning shots to circle him whilst he dances in the midst of gunfire. The voiceover also includes the views of his friend ‘Erez’ during this period of being a soldier. The film expresses the beauty of the waltz in the core of something terrible and life-threatening.

At the beginning of the short film the sound is much more drum based, with the beat reflecting the powerful situation of a battlefield. The music then dies out when the character of ‘Frankel’ flashes back to the confrontation with ‘Erez’ about his machine gun, which could reflect the shock factor of one soldier taking another’s gun in the heat of battle with the enemy. Throughout the film there are many cutaway shots to the interview, and then back to the ‘live action’ clips, and then to ‘Frankel’ dancing his waltz in the middle of the combat zone.

Short film two- All Watched by Machines of Loving Grace:

The first thing that got my attention in this short video was the music used as a backing soundtrack to the man’s voiceover. The video clips used are mostly black and white, except for the short beginning clip at the start of the film. Unlike the first short film, this video is much slower, the sound creates a different rhythm throughout and the voiceover gives it more of a documentary genre sense. The sound at the start gives a very creepy atmosphere to the film; it’s almost like an alien investigation music score.

The point of the film is political, the failure of the student movement and the power in the United States of America. The film goes on to explain the big relocation of many city residents across America as a result of this, to create experimental cities without a hierarchical system, which removes the chance of people thinking they have more power or rights than someone else.

Short film three- Errol Morris documentary:

The film starts with a medium-close up shot interview which then cuts to a close up shot, these cutaways continue throughout the first two and a half minutes of this documentary. Shots of fire explosions, lighting of matches are also used in the beginning of the film as it relates to what the interviewee, Murray Richman is saying. Black and white clips and old photographs are then used to link in to what is being said by Mr Richman in his interview, again more towards the end of the short film, old clips are used to act out the situations which are being talked about. This is a documentary technique that you find in all films of this type.

The backing music builds the tension during the course of the video. It starts as jazz which is often associated with the “mob” and string instruments are used during the acted out clips. The style of the film is very much old school mafia, New York, 1920’s which links relays back to the stereotypical, quintessential view of the “mob.”

Short film four- David Lynch interview:

This video is the only one out of the four that includes an introduction about what the film will feature. Interview Project: Clara starts with old music being played on a gramophone, and the shot opens with television noise which adds effect to the short film. The video includes close up shots, wide shots, medium shots all through the interview. The film’s message is to tell Clara’s life, the meaning of her life, what she feels she was supposed to do with it, and the prospect of living your life for yourself without the pressure of having to be remembered.

The meaning is very powerful and could relay the unimportance of trying to live your life so that other people will remember you when you’re gone. Music is used at the beginning and the end of the short video and adds to Clara’s story of her life; it would have been the type of music which was very popular when she was a young lady living her life.