The 3 Minute Video

Our first short film idea was a “How Not To” guide which would show the audience the 10 worst things a Journalist could do in their profession. We decided to scrap this idea as filming would be very complicated and time consuming as many scenes and shots would have had to be filmed for it.

The second idea we had was a short film about the murder of a girl and how a Journalist would go about getting the story, and the different endings to the Journalist going to interview the girl’s best friend and killer. We liked this idea much more as it had an interesting and gripping narrative that an audience could follow.

When filming for our short video we had to scout for locations that would be good enough to use, and be the most appropriate areas to convey the storyline on camera. It was hard to select an area as Ami-Jane, Wafa, and myself live in different cities. Wafa and I travelled to Ami-Jane’s home town of Driffield to overcome this issue and to shoot in that location.

A local park in Driffield and Ami-Jane’s house was used for the bulk of the filming. Prior to the main scenes being filmed, we asked Jackie Goodman, our Writing For Purpose lecturer, to star in the Editor/Journalist phone call scene which we filmed before the other scenes at the college.

The main cast included the three of us, Jackie, and Ami-Jane’s little sister, Rachel. We used our initiative to ask if Jackie would play the role of the Editor in the film and she willingly accepted.

The alternate endings to each of our short films make it individual as we all came up with a collective idea, which we decided to pursue, but also contributed to our own ideas which is displayed in the different ways our films conclude.

After filming was complete, the editing process began. It was hard at first to capture some of the footage we gathered but we eventually worked through it and got the shots we needed. Although, I had trouble exporting my video because of the computer’s slow software and numerous error reports appearing which affected the exporting. Also a problem during editing was after error reports were sent to the computer I could not add any more captions to the film so the final product is missing two people’s speech. Unfortunately that was a problem that I could not overcome.

Also, when I attempted to put the unimported video onto a disc, it would not open unless the clips were in the computer documents, this meant when I tried to open the video files on another computer, the footage was missing therefore the picture could not be seen. To try my best to get around this set back I also burnt the raw footage clips to the disc as well so that the footage can be seen via Windows Media Player, or the similar softwares.