‘Redundant Warrior’… A Documentary

Redundant Warrior shows the work of photo journalist Don McCullin; the video displays and showcases the images he had taken from many war zones from the period of 1958 to 1991. McCullin also talks about the effect that the places he visited had on him as a person, and how he still suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the things he witnessed in the surroundings where most of his haunting images were taken.

The documentary also covers McCullin’s experiences when taking the images, when he went to take photographs of child famine during a war, McCullin said that he had to act like the soldiers and appear unaffected by the sights he saw, when really he was deeply disturbed and uncomfortable with the way he acted.

During an interview in the video, he said that he feels a sense of guilt and that his conscious is black because he had to remain stoic whilst taking the disturbing pictures. The images themselves have a deep message; soldiers, corpses, starving women and children; these have been taken to get a reaction from an audience and to make them feel something, but also to inform people about what was going on during the wars.

‘Undesired’… A Documentary

The video documentary entitled ‘Undesired’ focuses on the mistreatment and oppression of women in the country of India. Women are regarded as a lower form of human compared with males. Indian families consider having a boy a blessing, and giving birth to females a burden.

Feminism is a key part of Indian culture; men are the head of households and make the most money, whereas females are shunned in their society. They can be owned by their husband’s families, and have to pay their husband money for being taken as their wife. Dowry is something the female’s family has to give to the male’s family as a gift for marrying the daughter, even though this is illegal in the country.

Most shocking of all is that 7,000 female fetuses are aborted everyday because they are not the preferred gender. This is also illegal in India. The women who are brave enough go against their husbands’s wishes and keep their baby girls are then rejected by their husband, and as a result can be left to fend for themselves.

The Real Jewel Thieves of Bradford

An expert squad has been assembled in the district of Bradford to target crooks who commit burglaries at jewellery stores.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Thomas, the Senior Investigating Officer, said, “We have experienced a recent trend of offences across the Bradford District where jewellery has been targeted.”

To fight the issue, a group of specialist officers has been gathered to concentrate exclusively on investigating the offences, and welcoming any new information they can from the public so that the thieves can be brought to justice.

“Increases in the value of gold suspected to be behind this type of criminality and although overall offending for burglary and robbery has fallen across the Bradford District by 23% in the last two financial years, this is an area we need to focus our attention.”

Operation ‘Scaldlock’ has been set up to focus on the perpetrators and the measures that need to be taken for crime prevention in the region.

Six men have from the local area already been taken into police custody over the past few weeks in relation to the robberies.

Local residents looking for assistance regarding crime information and/or advice on how to secure their homes can contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

“Neighbourhood Policing Team Officers in every community will be raising awareness around security and crime prevention. For instance, people can put in place simple measures such as locking their doors and lighting up their property to deter thieves,” says DCI Thomas, Senior Investigating Officer of the team.

“The second element of the operation will be through local jewellers. Officers will be ensuring they are aware of criminals attempting to sell these high value items and what they should do if they are approached,” added DCI Thomas.

Deputy Leader of Bradford Council, Coun Imran Hussain, said, “These horrific offences, sometimes targeting some of the most vulnerable victims, simply will not be tolerated.

“Families with high value jewellery should carefully consider security measures including safety deposit boxes. We urge anyone who has information relating to gold theft to come forward and report it by calling the police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”