‘Undesired’… A Documentary

The video documentary entitled ‘Undesired’ focuses on the mistreatment and oppression of women in the country of India. Women are regarded as a lower form of human compared with males. Indian families consider having a boy a blessing, and giving birth to females a burden.

Feminism is a key part of Indian culture; men are the head of households and make the most money, whereas females are shunned in their society. They can be owned by their husband’s families, and have to pay their husband money for being taken as their wife. Dowry is something the female’s family has to give to the male’s family as a gift for marrying the daughter, even though this is illegal in the country.

Most shocking of all is that 7,000 female fetuses are aborted everyday because they are not the preferred gender. This is also illegal in India. The women who are brave enough go against their husbands’s wishes and keep their baby girls are then rejected by their husband, and as a result can be left to fend for themselves.