‘Redundant Warrior’… A Documentary

Redundant Warrior shows the work of photo journalist Don McCullin; the video displays and showcases the images he had taken from many war zones from the period of 1958 to 1991. McCullin also talks about the effect that the places he visited had on him as a person, and how he still suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the things he witnessed in the surroundings where most of his haunting images were taken.

The documentary also covers McCullin’s experiences when taking the images, when he went to take photographs of child famine during a war, McCullin said that he had to act like the soldiers and appear unaffected by the sights he saw, when really he was deeply disturbed and uncomfortable with the way he acted.

During an interview in the video, he said that he feels a sense of guilt and that his conscious is black because he had to remain stoic whilst taking the disturbing pictures. The images themselves have a deep message; soldiers, corpses, starving women and children; these have been taken to get a reaction from an audience and to make them feel something, but also to inform people about what was going on during the wars.