Carsen Snejbjerg

Carsen Snejbjerg’s photojournalism essay was shot during the colourful festival of celebration known as Holi. The colours of the photographs is what attracted me first to Snejbjerg’s work, much like Moller’s photojournalism essay. It opens the audience up to other cultures, and the social norms in other foreign countries.

The photos flow from one to another as the subject matter throughout is the people at the celebration, and the contrast of the dark and light of shadow and the bright colours used in for the Holi fesitival. The eye travels through every image in the essay as they have layers that attracts the eye so it can flow around the photographs. The colours engage the eye and keep an audience’s interest as the images are vibrant and eye catching.

Aspects I don’t really like about Carsen Snejbjerg’s Colours of Holi photo essay are the blurriness in some of the images, whether this effect was intended in some of the shots I don’t know. Some people may find the blurriness irritating or could make them feel like the image is hard to see because of what the blur does to some of the images.