Jonathan Berg Moller

This photojournalist’s work was based on and features Harajuku teenagers. Moller focuses on the teens in certain situations, and uses the bright colours of their attire to create interesting images that have depth. The way the photographs have been shot makes the eye travel through the picture easily and gives the audience much to look at and keep engaged in the photojournalist’s essay.

I selected Moller as one of the photojournalists to review because this certain Harajuku essay caught my eye because of the interesting image lighting and the unique subject matter. The essay is successful because I think the pictures keep the interest of an audience because of the out-of-the-ordinary basis of the photojournalism essay and the eye catching contrast of colours.

Aspects that I don’t necessarily like about Jonathan Berg Moller’s Harajuku essay is some of the images differ very much from one another as two of the images have a very dark black background, whereas the others have contrasting grey brick against the bright colours of the Harajuku teenager’s clothing.