Jacob Ehrbahn


Jacob Ehrbahn’s photojournalism essay entitled Obama’s Election Night Rally in Grant Park depicts the support that Obama had from the American people who attended the event. The photographs show the crowds that gathered in the area to back the President during his second term election race. The main things that catch my eye when looking through the images is the angles and colours of certain photographs in the essay. The pictures that include the United States flag pop and create movement and depth in the image. The images do have great impact and meaning as they show how big of a deal the Presidential election is in the United States of America.

A negative about this certain photo essay would be the images don’t necessarily flow from one to the other; the content of the photographs are appropriate and are relevant to each other, but the colours of some of the images are very different to one another. There are some yellow tinted photographs, grey images, some including a dark shadow, and some in normal colour- or one’s that have been lit by street light. However, despite this I think that an audience would take interest in Ehrbahn’s piece of work as it shows the celebration of the people over Obama’s Presidential victory.