Photojournalist Comparison

Jacob Ehrbahn, Carsen Snejbjerg, & Jonathan Berg Moller.

The main similarities between the photojournalism essays that I have chosen are the colours used in the images that make them stand out and attract an audience to look through them. Another similarity is they display the different ways of life of cultures around the world; Moller’s focuses on Japanese Harajuku teens, Snejbjerg depicts the celebrations of Holi festivals, and Ehrbahn’s photographs shows the US Presidential election victory rally.

The differences between the three photo essays would also be the subject matter, although they all display different culture norms, the basis is very different. Ehrbahn’s is a politically based piece of work, and shows the people’s happiness over their chosen politician being elected as the President for a second term. Moller’s photojournalism essay shows the different dress that the Harajuku teenagers wear and the way they live their lives in society, but the images are more portrait based as opposed to Snejbjerg’s and Moller’s work.