Photography Ideas

I have already photographed Alexandra, a local jewellery maker, in her store and she is one of the three people featuring in my photography assignment.

The ideas for the other two professions would be a housewife and a office worker. I feel like a housewife as a subject could be quite controversial and add a depth and meaning to the photography portraits. An office worker is my final subject because it is a very common job. I feel the three “jobs” I have chosen cover many aspects of one’s understanding of a job, with a business owner, a housewife, and office worker being very different in contrast with each other.

Edit: After thinking and developing my ideas for subjects in more depth I came up with a theme of photographing people in different art professions. This made me think about people that I knew of who I could take pictures of. Having already photographed some shots of Alexandra, I then had to choose two other people: the first was Marjorie, a water colour painter. I took the photographs of Alexandra  with my Nikon DSLR on the automatic setting. The shutter speed was not that fast as her jewellery shot was well lit and had natural light.