Searching for News Stories

As a little task we were asked to find three news stories from different mediums that would make a BBC Look North news story.

My first story was something I read on the Humberside Police website about a house robbery in the area of Cottingham, East Yorkshire. The story was that two people had been arrested in connection to a burglary of car keys, and the stealing of a car.

Emma Massey, Video Journalist at Look North, gave feedback on this story find, saying that it would be likely this story would make a byline in the local paper, but not on Look North. The story would only make television news if there had been a series of similar burglaries in the area; that is when it really becomes a story.

Emma then went on to explain a story that would have made headline news, like the story about barns being set on fire, and how because many incidents had occurred in a small area in a small space of time, it would make the news.