Journalism Day

At the Hull Truck Theatre HSAD put on a journalism day featuring speakers from different areas of the profession. The speakers ranged from Jamie Macaskill, from the Hull Daily Mail, who also kicked things off, to Martin Bell OBE, former journalist for the BBC and war reporter.

Introductions by James Hoggarth, BBC Humberside reporter.

Lawyer Alastair Brett, court reporter Sian Harrison, Eddie Coates-Madden from the Hull City Council, political journalist David Torrance, web editor Paul Johnson, and David Betts from BskyB also spoke.

Martin Bell quoted his grandmother: “Journalists are a shady lot and seldom the sons of gentlemen.”

Then went on to say: “Journalism has the responsibility to be truthful,” following the comments about the censorship of war reporting.

“If you’re in it for the money you’ve chosen the wrong career.”

“You cannot be a good journalist if you live in a moral vacuum.”

Alastair Brett mentioned the Leveson Inquiry and the laws of journalism, called it, “complete bollocks.”

Paul Johnson talked about Internet trolls, and how journalists need to be the leaders of online journalism, including social media.

David Betts asked the audience whether they would pay a police officer for an exclusive story if they were given the opportunity, said if yes you would be sent to prison for 10 years for bribery. Talked about his most embarrassing moments in reporting, included reporting on 9/11 and Princess Diana’s visit to Hull.