News Day Story Scenario

Police arrest two men after kidnapping a man and holding a family hostage in an attempt to steal £500,000 worth of diamonds.

Two men kidnapped jewellery store owner Peter Brandt, 55, from his home and held his family hostage in a senseless attack in West Hull at 8pm on Sunday night. “It was just a regular Sunday night at home, it was our family night,” says Peter Brandt of that night

“My family was taken to the back of the house by one of the men, and I was restrained by the two others,” says Mr. Brandt. He was taken to an abandoned farmhouse in the East Riding of Yorkshire, handcuffed to a chair and left overnight. “I was blindfolded in my home and shoved into the back of a car, I was terrified.”

The rest of his family, his wife Melissa Brandt, 54, and their two children, Stephen, 16 and Sonja, 14, were held in their home by a third captor. “It was so terrifying I didn’t even think about trying to escape, I just went along with it.

“I didn’t hear either of them talking, and I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried about Melissa and the kids,” Mr. Brandt reveals. “The next morning I agreed to take them to the jewellery shop because I was expecting an important delivery, we were on the way there when the police surrounded the car.”

One of the men arrested on Orchard Street accidentally shot himself in the buttocks after police surrounded the car; he is now being treated at Hull Royal Infirmary, is in a stable condition and has a police guard. “I heard a gun shot and I was dragged out into the street,” Mr. Brandt recalls.

After the arrests the family was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary to get checked over but no injuries were suffered.  Mr. Brandt emotionally adds, “The important thing is we’re all safe now.”

Jeweller Mr. Brandt is well known in Kingston upon Hull for his shop ‘Shiny Things’ down Spring Bank, which he set up almost 30 years ago. He and his wife Melissa are also well known on East Yorkshire’s charity circuit for their fundraising efforts.

Detective Inspector David Smith said, “Police officers detained two men on suspicion of conspiracy to rob and possession of fire arms after a tip off from the police in Amsterdam.”

It is thought that Mr. Brandt was the robbers target because of his diamond business, and that his diamonds being delivered from Holland on Monday morning being the reason for his capture

The press office reported that there had never been any evidence of any prior attacks on Mr. Brandt, his family, or his jewellery shop. A police press officer was unable to disclose if any of the captors had any previous convictions.

The three men are to appear in court together once the third captor is discharged from Hull Royal Infirmary hospital.