Comparison Essay- First Draft

The images I have decided to compare are of feminist rallies from 1970 and 2012.

The first image is from a protest against the objectification of women in events such as Miss World. The photographer, unknown, captured the passionate views of the women who have had to deal with being objectified by the men, which unfortunately still happens today. Their vehemence is shown in the plaques and signs they are holding, and where they are holding them, which is outside the Royal Albert Hall where the Miss World pageants took place in the year of 1970. The group of feminist protestors were also known for throwing flour bombs during the rally.

The photograph of the 2012 women’s rights march by photographer Steve Rhodes depicts a man walking for female equality in society. The fact that he is a man could make the message of the rally more prominent and could garner a greater reaction from the public because a man is showing support for his female peers. This view could also be contradicting, however. A man having to walk for gender equality could also imply that times have not changed all that much and men are still regarded more highly in society than women, and a man’s view is much more important than a female’s.

As the image shows a man is supporting women’s rights, the message is put across to the audience more strongly because a male disagreeing with being considered the greater gender is something to talk about. It shows that men do believe that their female friends should be considered equal to them, and not the lesser gender.

The sign, “I refuse to have misogyny massaged into the corticalization of my brain,” shows the changing views of women by men, with this particular man against female discrimination, violence against women, and female objectification. Some people are more enlightened to gender equality in today’s society due to being brought up in a different type of environment, with television and Internet easily accessible, this could be a contributing factor to this male’s view on females in society.