Written Conclusion- Life of an Inspiring Person

Having completed the online website based on my inspiring person (author, John Green), I came across a few obstacles when transferring my magazine/paper-based design on to the web.

My idea to create pop-up text boxes when clicking on an image in a slideshow was the biggest drawback as Wix software would not allow me to do this. However, Wix would allow text boxes at the bottom of the slideshow images so I used this feature to work around the imposition it made to my original design plan.

I found the website templates on Wix a great feature. Finding the most appropriate template for what I’d designed was easy, as well as picking the most relevant that I thought would express John Green’s character.

Something which I found surprisingly simple was creating an online forum that I could embed into my online website. I did this by using Nabble, which Wix recommended. I then embedded the HTML into my Fan Forum page.

Overall, I am happy with my final online website design however it had to differ quite considerably from my paper design.

Link to my Wix online website for John Green: http://jenniferleeman.wix.com/johngreen