User Testing- John Green Website

User 1: (Male, 50+) “The design is simple but very effective. Although not the most colourful website, the colours used are relevant to the topic and are not garish to they eye; if using the website for any length of time, they would not cause eye strain.

Once the site was loaded, I found the front page easy to follow, and as a novice Internet user, it was very easy to navigate through the pages. As well as the top menu, the links included (which takes the user to other relevant sites) worked efficiently and are distinctive on the pages with use of different coloured fonts.

The videos on the homepage gives depth and interest to the audience; the included slideshow on the ‘About’ page also achieves this. As a whole, the graphics used are of a good quality, and the website in its entirety exudes a professional feel.”

User 2: (Female, 50+) “I found that the website was easily accessible and it was very easy to use, even for a technophobe like myself. I particularly liked the manilla background as it accentuated the pictures, videos and text, and contrasted nicely with the colour of the font. The fact that it is not brightly coloured meant that my eye was not distracted by anything when reading the information or watching the videos.

The navigation tool at the top of the page was clearly evident and was once again easy to follow. All of the links contained within all of the website’s pages were also easy to use; the links worked and were relevant to the subject of the website; they also loaded up extremely quickly after being clicked on. The graphics and videos included in the website were of a good quality and were very informative for the user.”

Research- Why John Green?

When assigned the task of creating a product focused on a person whom I find inspirational, there was really only one person I thought of; and that was novelist and vlogger, John Green. My main reason for selecting John Green above all other figures was, not only is John incredibly gifted with his writing, but from watching his video blogs, along with his brother’s (Hank Green), and following him on social media such as Twitter and Tumblr, I found him very genuine, real, and dedicated to the “nerdfighters”.

Not only that, I am a very huge fan of his books An Abundance of Katherine’s, The Fault in Our Stars, and Looking For Alaska. In terms of an “inspirational” human being, he has contributed to projects, like creating the ‘Project for Awesome’, which helps raise money for charities and non-profit organisations. Researching more about Green, I firstly went to his own website. I didn’t want my website to, in any way, feel like his own. To get around this, I very much re-designed what my website was going to look like, as my paper based design and sketches looked slightly like his own website. I didn’t want the colours used to relate, so I changed the layout and the colour scheme.

During the research period, I came across a special part of John Green’s website that gives his fans information if they were to ever right about him in a school report; I used this to my advantage when structuring my website design. As well as that, I could not find anything similar to what I planned to create. To set apart my own website, I then planned to make an online forum for his fans to talk about him and discuss his books and YouTube videos in a space that was completely independent from his own website.

Because he writes books aimed at the teenage/young adult market, I decided to select my target audience between the ages of 16-30.

News Features- Entertainment

Iron Man 3 (2013)
Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Don Cheadle.
Director: Shane Black

Let’s face it, film sequels are never expected to be better than first installments- it’s just a law. So when I sat down in the cinema to watch Iron Man 3, I was just hoping it would be worth the money. (I saw it in 3D, and as I’m sure you’ll know, 3D tickets are really expensive.) With a star-studded cast, including the great Sir Ben Kingsley, I found the film was just merely watchable.

This was because, even though Kingsley’s portrayal of “The Mandarin” (or as we later came to find out, the ditsy Trevor Slattery) was hilariously fantastic, and Robert Downey Jr. consistently delivered throughout the movie as Tony Stark, I found the film lacked a little something that the previous two films left me thinking, “What an awesome film I’ve just watched!” I came to the conclusion that it was because of the disappointing reveal: (SPOILER ALERT) The Mandarin wasn’t really The Mandarin.

As well as that, you could kind of guess that Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) had a role to play in all the unusual attacks, so the whole twist of the film was really quite blatant (unless that was just me? Who knows…)

My main gripe with Iron Man 3: I thought the storyline didn’t really flow- the trailer set it up to be a completely different film to what it ended up being, and that was mainly due to the fact that Sir Ben wasn’t the villain at all. From the trailer, I was hoping Kingsley as The Mandarin would be as brutal as Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) was in Iron Man 2- it just didn’t happen.

Yes, the real villain had a motive to kill Tony Stark, as Stark completely ignored the chance to work with the mastermind thirteen years previously. And yes, the Extremis virus used against Iron Man was great. But it still didn’t live up to my high expectations after watching the trailer (I have to admit, when I watched the trailer I was incredibly excited).

However, I do praise all of the performances by the cast, the chemistry between them was brilliantly displayed onscreen. I loved that Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) finally got to try on a Iron Man suit. A slight annoyance about the film was the limited screen time of Rebecca Hall (as botanist and Tony Stark’s ex-one-night-stand, Dr. Maya Hansen) especially since her character played a vital role in the creation of the Extremis drug. Still, this might just be me doing a little nitpicking.

As much as I have my dislikes about Iron Man 3, the climax of the movie was really superb. The special effects in the battle scenes were first-class, and I really enjoyed when all of the suits worked together to destroy all of the Extremis warriors- it’s one thing I love about superhero movies, and Iron Man 3 didn’t disappoint in that area (thank god). A twist I did enjoy was Ms. Potts becoming one herself- that was a shocker I could appreciate.

Sidenote: I couldn’t have been the only one to expect Thor to show up in the final battle scene, could I? The superhero was mentioned a few times, if not by name, and I had a feeling he’d come to lend a helping hand- again, though, it must’ve just been me.

Overall, I was unhappy with the main storyline, but I do think that I would give it the benefit of the doubt and I’d watch it again… only if I didn’t have to fork out any money.

My rating for this film is 6/10.

Design for Advertising- Evaluation

My product for the advertising task was an application for the Apple product, iPad (and all other tablets on the market, with the option to buy apps from the online store).

Shortext, the quick and easy to use shorthand to Standard English converter. I picked this product because it was an original idea I had and I thought it would make a good and effective product to advertise, via posters, magazine advertisement, and billboard.

I think my overall advert designs are appropriate and sell the product well. The main focus being the logo, it is a cool graphic and also will only make sense and have a meaning to the people I am aiming my product at, the journalists.