News Features- Writing for News

For Task 2 we were challenged to research and analyse 5 news outlets related to a certain genre of writing; sport, fashion, arts and culture etc… I chose to focus on publications that write entertainment features.

The first website/publication I looked into was Empire Online: I chose to analyse Empire Online as the publication is the Internet base for Empire Magazine, which is entertainment based. The house style of the website is uncomplicated as its main hook for its audience is all about the writing, and the colour scheme is relevant (red/black). Since the articles are more or less all reviews, the writing style has to be engaging to the audience, which I personally think it is (as I like to use this website myself). The content of each review is not very substantial in word count, mostly due to the fact their target audience readers would not want to read a lengthy spiel about a certain film- they want a quick review that will help them decide whether the film is worth a watch. The “articles” voice, language, tone are all interesting and enthralling for the reader, using endless adjectives as a way of keeping the audience engaged right until the end of the review, even when the film being reviewed is the worst movie on the face of the planet.

Total Film: The second website I researched was Total Film, another film review site. I found, upon reading the reviews on this site, and comparing them to the reviews I read on Empire Online, the target audience for this site would be the more “movie buff” demographic, not only because of the more detailed description of the films given to the audience by Total Film, but also the length of each review is slightly longer than those on Empire’s website. The language, however, is not dissimilar at all; the way the Total Film writers word their reviews is still engaging, and also packed to the brim with captivating describing words. The house style of the website is basic, again, this is because, in my opinion, the main reason users go to the website is for the main written content; although the colour scheme is appropriate (red/white) and not garish and out of place.

The Hollywood Reporter: The third website that I chose to include in my entertainment category research was The Hollywood Reporter’s website. Not only does this website write reviews for films, TV shows, music, and technology, but it also reports (like its name suggests) on all things entertainment. Unlike the two websites I’ve reviewed above, the articles on this website are extremely extensive in word count, to the point of, if you’re not exactly sold on the review, you could take a power nap in between paragraphs. The house style of the website is appealing to an audience though; the colour scheme may be simple, and the same colours used on Total Film, but the layout of the website would draw in an audience. This is because the website includes many links, adverts, images and videos which are dotted around the web page. If the audiences don’t feel they could make it to the text finish line, there’s always the short summary at the top of the screen and the movie trailers at the bottom.

Guardian Film: The fourth website I decided on researching was The Guardian’s website surrounding entertainment. Very different to all the previous websites I have used in my research, this site is laid out more like a news website (which of course The Guardian’s main site is). This meant that the house style of the website is much more simplistic in its colour scheme and design- again, relating more to its news website relation. However, the articles included in the entertainment area of the website are much more appropriate for their intended target audience, and their film/DVD reviewer (notable film critic Mark Kermode) writes the reviews (packed full of juicy adjectives… again!) in such a way that the audience carries on reading despite the wordy pieces of writing.

The fifth and final website I have researched was EOnline: A website called Entertainment Online was definitely going to be analysed as I chose the entertainment category. The website is possibly the most recognised for all things entertainment thanks to its relationship and link to the E! television channel- it is the official website for said network. Articles written on EOnline are much less descriptive than those I have looked at before, the review articles I went and looked at on the website have short summary reviews from other different review sites and nothing very original, this could be because the website is also an entertainment news site, but a more reliable and much more professional news gossip website. Nevertheless, the design of EOnline is very efficient for the user, and a major competitor for popular sites at the moment.