User Testing- John Green Website

User 1: (Male, 50+) “The design is simple but very effective. Although not the most colourful website, the colours used are relevant to the topic and are not garish to they eye; if using the website for any length of time, they would not cause eye strain.

Once the site was loaded, I found the front page easy to follow, and as a novice Internet user, it was very easy to navigate through the pages. As well as the top menu, the links included (which takes the user to other relevant sites) worked efficiently and are distinctive on the pages with use of different coloured fonts.

The videos on the homepage gives depth and interest to the audience; the included slideshow on the ‘About’ page also achieves this. As a whole, the graphics used are of a good quality, and the website in its entirety exudes a professional feel.”

User 2: (Female, 50+) “I found that the website was easily accessible and it was very easy to use, even for a technophobe like myself. I particularly liked the manilla background as it accentuated the pictures, videos and text, and contrasted nicely with the colour of the font. The fact that it is not brightly coloured meant that my eye was not distracted by anything when reading the information or watching the videos.

The navigation tool at the top of the page was clearly evident and was once again easy to follow. All of the links contained within all of the website’s pages were also easy to use; the links worked and were relevant to the subject of the website; they also loaded up extremely quickly after being clicked on. The graphics and videos included in the website were of a good quality and were very informative for the user.”