Writing for Purpose Introduction

In the first two sessions of Writing For Purpose, we were updated on the course by Dave Windass, as well as introduced to the first assignment required for the module.

Following this, we then went on to discuss what news is. This included the seven things that would make a story a piece of news.
They are:

In the second session of Writing For Purpose, we were introduced to Carmen Bruegmann, who told us about her experiences in different work places and publications such as The Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, SHE magazine, the luxury magazine SHOO, as well as freelance work.

Following this, we had to name the qualities of a piece of writing that made it a features article, and qualities that make it a news report.
News report:
Plain English
Public interest

Features piece:

Afterwards, we were set a task to complete: match up the correct target customer example with the correct women’s magazine; this was to get an idea of how each magazine is tailored to a different audience.