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Schoolgirl flees from murderous stepmother

Fourteen-year-old Bavarian schoolgirl, Snow White, escaped two attempted murders set up by her own stepmother. Queen Grimhilde hired a hit man in Germany to kill White because her stepdaughter was “a thousand times more beautiful” than her.

It is said that White pleaded for her life, and when the attacker failed to murder her, Grimhilde took matters into her own hands and tried to poison White herself.


“My stepmother tried to kill me!”

What are you to do when your evil stepmother plots to murder you? Snow White tells her terrifying story…

“When I was a child and my mother passed away, I never wanted my father to remarry. When he married Queen Grimhilde, I was horrified; she was a terrible lady, and when I was fourteen and she felt I threatened her chances of being the most beautiful lady in the kingdom, she wanted to off me!”

“The first attempted attack on me was set up with a hit man whilst I was having my morning walk in the woods. It was horrifying, the man grabbed me and tried to strike me multiple times with an axe…” Snow White recounts. “I pleaded with him to let me go. When I told him my age he couldn’t go through with it.”

“I ran and hid away in a small cottage in the woods. I thought I’d be safe, but Grimhilde found out I was still alive; she tracked me down and tried to poison me herself. It still haunts me now, but I know she can’t hurt me anymore.”