CATS- Week 2

In the second CATS lesson, we discussed employment. This included standard employment, non-standard employment, self employment etc, and social structures.

Standard employment: contract between the employee and their employer, long-term employment at one specific location, regular pay, sick pay benefits, and protection of pension.

Non-standard employment: short-term contracts between the employer and employee, the worker has multiple part time jobs.

If a person isn’t in standard or non-standard employment, they may be self employed, volunteering, doing domestic labour, or getting paid for work for gain but not for tax, social security, or employment law compliance.

Social structures included capitalism, government and monarchy, religion, the middle class, the armed forces, and labourers and working class. (Marxism)

Identity: “A business or organisation may have a legal identity, a corporate identity, which communicates values as well as a more informal reputation.”
“Work affects our sense of self and the way that others see us, they are our self and social identities.”