CATS- Week 3

In the session, we were properly introduced to our Professional Context Report for our CATS project. This covered our assignment brief which broke down the project into 4 sections, including the proposal, documentation, evaluation & conclusion, and the bibliography. Our homework for next week was to write up the first draft of the proposal which covers what we are going to investigate, what tasks we need to complete in order to achieve the targets, how to document it, what reading will be required to meet the targets, and to provide a rough time scale when each target should/will be met.

We then covered professionalism and the meaning of professional practice.

Professional practice: where a student is required to extend knowledge and skills within a practical environment.

What is professionalism? Inner strength, sound judgement, know-how, business savvy, mature, personal responsibility, problem solving perseverance, ingenuity.

Confidence: know your stuff and the company, dress smartly, be personable.