CATS Week 4 & 5

In the week 4 session of CATS, we discussed what professional practice is; for example, it is where a student is required to extend their knowledge ans skills within a practical environment- like a working setting. This is where work experience and internships come in.

Some pointers we were given during the lecture were to be confident during an interview, or when you are on a work placement; know your stuff and the company you are meeting with; dress appropriately and smartly when you are going to meet with business people or you are going to your internship; and make sure that your personality shines through during your chats/interviews.

In week 5, we discussed ethics. The right and wrongs and moral behaviour. This included talking about ethos- the way you live your life and your personal principles. “Humans can be ethical and morally balanced, because we are capable of reasoning.”

There are 2 types of ethics to consider: they are absolute ethics- which cannot be changed, and relative ethics- which are context dependent.

Absolute ethics: cultures imposing values on another by claiming monopoly on moral truth. For example, racism.

Relative ethics: application can be changed depending on the time and the place. For example, women wearing a Burka.

What makes something moral? If they reflect an individual’s values and those of society.

What makes something immoral? If they go against and individuals or society’ values.

Certainties: happiness is preferable to misery; dignity is preferable to humiliation; it’s bad that people suffer, but worse when a culture turns a blind eye to suffering; death is worse than life; attempt to find a common point of view is better than manipulative contempt.