Opinion Piece- Writing for Purpose

For a long time, the National Health Service’s quality of care has been questioned, so is it really a shocker that Watchdog has revealed one in four hospitals are providing inadequate care?

With specialist nursing schools almost wiped out, it’s impossible for medical students to receive the proper bedside manner training, which is something hospital staffs severely lack nowadays. The BBC even stated that the care performances in some areas pose a direct elevated risk to patients — it’s not right at all

The NHS’s obsession with having fancy degrees means very little when their employees with said fancy degrees don’t have basic caring skills. It’s atrocious that the place people go to get better is where they are being treated so poorly.

My mother was a nurse for forty years before retiring; when she first qualified, it was all about making sure that patients were as peaceful as can be — now that’s all history. If medical staff can’t make sure that the patients they’re there to help are comfortable, what else are they failing at? (Hospital meals come to mind.)

This needs to be addressed, and fast. Before patients get sicker and quality of care gets even worse.