Reading Week Activity- Write a Headline for Four Stories

Story 1

Prof Edward Chinaski has been carrying out research into sustainable food. As part of his 20 years of research he has regularly grown carrots and turnips that are over 750mm in length. The carrots also grow rapidly under any conditions. Chinaski, who grew up on a council estate where houses did not have gardens, is a resident of Beverley. He is now looking into developing and perfecting his techinques in order to grow large versions of other vegetables. Two well-known supermarket chains are in talks with Chinaski about stocking the super-veg.

Headline: “Beverley man grows super-sized sustainable veg after researching for twenty years”

Story 2

A coach carrying a school party from Hull has careered off a mountain road in France. The coach was provided by a French transport company and was driven by a French driver. The bus went off the road running through the French Alps in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. The bus was a 44-seater. There were 40 children and four members of staff on board. The trip, planned for 10 nights, was part of the school’s regular European visits. Two of the pupils and one member of staff sustained life-threatening injuries and remain on life support. The driver died instantly. The remaining passengers suffered minor injuries. The event happened this morning, three days into the trip. Parents have been notified. The children were Year 10 pupils of St Mary’s College. Eye-witnesses said that there was an eerie silence following the crash before the children began to emerge in a state of shock. Due to the location, an air-rescue was carried out. The driver was declared dead at the scene. Those fit to travel will return to Humberside AIrport tomorrow.

Headline: “Disaster strikes 3 days into school trip as coach careers off mountain road in the French Alps leaving driver dead”

Story 3

Staff at an East Riding aquarium tourist attraction were shocked to find a large tank full of dead fish when they turned up to work today. The tank, populated by rare fish from South America, was the home to 3,000 fish. However, all but 368 were floating on the surface of the largest tank at Fishworld. Police have investigated and evidence suggests foul play.

Tony Burrito, head of acquatics, said he was both upset and outraged by the scene. He said: “We walked into Fishworld and immediately knew that something was wrong. These fish are like my best friends and I was very upset and burst into tears, as did other staff members. Then tears turned to anger. Who would do this to innocent fish? Our many visitors will be as upset as we all are.”

Fishworld has closed for three days pending the investigation and subsequent re-stocking.

A man was arrested later in the day.

Fishworld was at the centre of a dispute with staff last year about working conditions. That action led to several redundancies.

Headline: “Investigation to start after mass fish death at Fishworld leaves staff members in state of shock and anger”

Story 4

John and Jane Smith, a married couple, drove home after a day’s shopping expedition at St Andrew’s Quay. Mr Smith purchased a new iPad and smart TV. The couple ate at McDonald’s. Mr Smith was especially fond of Big Mac meals and the couple’s children – Carry, 7, and Buddy, 9, were present and had Happy Meals.

Following the shopping trip, the Smith family were involved in a head-on collision with a heavy plant transporter on the Clive Sullivan Way. The Clive Sullivan Way is named after one of Hull’s most famous rugby players.

The transporter was driven by Ketih Mulch, a HGV sole-trader who lives in South Cave with his wife and their Germen Shepherd dog. The dog was travelling with Mr Mulch. Mulch, 57, was unhurt.

Three of the Smith family died. Buddy sustained minor injuries.

Buddy is now with relatives in Swanland. The Smith’s lived in Hessle. Buddy is in shock.

Police have interviewed Mulch who was breathalised at the scene. They say they are unlikely to charge him with any offence. Eye witnesses said that the collision happened in an instance and appeared to be a “genuine accident”. A woman, who refused to be named, said: “It was horrific. One minute I was listening to TalkSport, the next I saw the transporter going out of control, crossing the barrier and onto the other side of the road, where it hit the car head-on.”

A German Shepherd also died at the scene.

The Smith’s car was a Renault Megane.

Headline: “Boy left without a family as parents and sibling die in tragic road collision with heavy plant transporter”