Remembrance- Photography Week 6

IMG_0508Poppies lay at the statue built in memory of the servicemen who gave their lives for the Merchant Navy. It honours the lives lost at sea in peace and war. The poppies where laid over Remembrance Day weekend.

IMG_0510Monument of Queen Victoria outside the Hull City Hall and Ferens Art Gallery. Unveiled in 1903 by the Prince of Wales, 2 years after Victoria’s death. The statue is in remembrance of her time on the throne, ruling Great Britain and the countries of the Commonwealth. (The toilets situated underneath Queen Victoria’s monument have been claimed to be some of the finest public toilets in England!)

IMG_0514Fish tail statue outside the Hull City Hall; marking the Seven Seas Fish Trail around the Old Town, created by artist Gordon Young as an art piece, it also relates to the memory of Hull being one of the major fish trading ports. The Fish Trail is now a major tourist attraction of Hull, you can buy a leaflet to help you follow the trail from the Tourist Information Centre. It references Hull and it’s ports: Prince’s Dock, Victoria Dock, Albert Dock, St Andrew’s Dock, and so on.

IMG_0532The bee-printed telephone box, located outside the Kingston Communications offices is a  to the Bee Lady; a tribute to Hull’s very own Jean Bishop, in recognition of her Pride of Britain Award for her fundraising achievements for Age UK, raising more than £100,000 in 14 years. The bumblebee print represents her signature bee costume she wears when collecting money.