The Victorious Hull!

Hull has been crowned the next UK City of Culture after a tough campaign, beating out other diverse cities such as Leicester, Dundee, and Swansea Bay.

The Yorkshire city, known for its fishing ports, William Wilberforce, and the Humber Bridge, was triumphant, defeating some of the UK’s most cultured cities to be honoured as the winning city.

Joan Venus-Evans, a BBC employee, said, “I think it’s probably the best thing that’s happened to Hull, certainly in my lifetime. I think it’s going to be an inspiration for all the young people coming through. It’s going to create a lot of jobs. It’s going to give us more of an identity and it will put us on the world stage.”

Fashion retailer, Diane Wilson said, “I hope that it generates more jobs in the city, because I think the city is lacking in [that department]. The city is down beat at the moment, there’s no money. This will potentially create more jobs, which gives the public more money to spend, which will liven up the city.”

The next step is to plan out what this title will bring to Hull, and what will happen with the job market, the arts, the city’s architecture, and tourists as a result.

“I think it will be a gradual thing. I think it we’ll have it in our minds for the next three years that this big event is going to happen in the city. I think gradually we’ll see improvements around the place. I think buildings will start to be renovated a little bit,” said Venus-Evans.

“The city also has visitors from near towns such as Grimsby; I hope that more people will come from other cities, as it will be nice to see people from further afield. The city is behind in the shopping industry; I believe this will boost Hull’s economy,” added Wilson.

It seems most people in Hull are looking forward to the great things that could come from Hull’s victory. Specifically, with Hull’s job market and diversity within the artsy careers such as architecture, theatre, film, and design.

“I think people will become more inspired to be creative. I think towards the event you’ll get more and more excitement building up,” Venus-Evans added. “I think you’ll start to find out what’s going to happen. In 2017, there’ll just be people coming from all over to the events that are being put on.”

Well done, Hull. The local people are proud!