Specialist Subject Research

In my research for writing a piece of travel journalism, I looked at travel blogs and sites to analyse the way in which the posts are written, so that I can follow the correct guidelines. To find the type of website/magazine for my article and photographs to be published to, I had to search the different outlets which post trip advisory articles and destination recommendations from travel journalists. I would like to write a more lifestyle travel blog, instead of a purely informatory article about my trip.

The first website I looked at to decide which type of site I would write a piece for was The Telegraph’s travel blog. (http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/travel/) The site posts holiday recommendations, which is the type of article I want to write, transport articles, and so on. However, I found the type of articles here were more like information pieces, which I wanted to avoid as I want to write a post in the medium of a lifestyle website.

This finding took me to the next research subject, Lifestyle + Travel, which is an online travel magazine. (http://www.lifestyleandtravel.com/) In this magazine, the article are guides to where to eat and where to visit at each destination. They give the audience travel ideas, which is more relevant to me in my research as I would like to write a piece of journalism like this, rather than an information and advertisement piece, like those on The Telegraph’s travel blog.

Following the Lifestyle + Travel discovery, I found Travel+Leisure, a website that includes articles, hotel recommendations, restaurant recommendations, and ideas of things to do in each city. Again, the articles here are a little different to the piece of journalism I had in mind for myself. The way they are written are first-hand accounts of what the journalist got up to in the city, like this one of Dulbin: http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/surprising-dublin. As you read on though, the article becomes more the type of travel journalism I would like to write about Memphis. The journalist moves on to hotel, shopping, restaurant, and bar recommendations in the style I think I would be able to write in: http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/surprising-dublin/2. The writing is personable, engaging and interesting, which is everything I want for my own travel piece.