Writing for Purpose Evaluation- Travel Specialism

My specialist subject article: travel journalism

For my specialist subject I wanted to write about travel as this is a huge passion of mine. I love experiencing different cultures and exploring countries. I had the opportunity to travel to Memphis, Tennessee with a group of music degree students in the Summer of 2013 and used this as inspiration for writing a piece of journalism for a travel and tourism blog. Featuring 5 must-see attractions of the city. I feel my writing style for the article was very laid back, and not so newsy, as I felt that the things I had to write about where more suitable for a recommendation type of article.

As a result, I wrote a piece that could feature on a travel blog for aspiring travellers and backpackers alike. But mostly, my target audience for the article is students looking to travel in their gap-year, post-graduates, or people between the ages of 16-25 in general.

Critically, I think my writing style is most appropriate for this age range as I feel that this audience appreciates a more chatty style of writing. Unlike the websites that I researched to get inspiration, my article is much more student/teenager friendly. As well as this, my piece is touristy, much more a suggestion and advisory article.

Because this is my first article in the specialism of travel journalism, I obviously need improvement in how I structure my article. To improve in this area, I will write more travel pieces about the places I have holidayed in, using the same recommendation-type style. This practice will help me gain more experience in writing about travel.