3 Ways of Presenting Online

1. YouTube
YouTube is a great platform for people to get out information via video. Not only can television broadcasters upload programmes to the online site, all types of events can live stream talks via YouTube, like TEDTalks for example. TEDTalks uploads lectures from professors, academics and other public figures about important topics. This is so that people who cannot attend these types of events can still watch them over the Internet.

2. Podcasting
Unlike video presenting, podcasting just uses the voice recording. Much like radio broadcasting, podcasts can be downloaded over iTunes, or event straight of the Internet to be saved to your computer or device. If an audience does not want to purchase the podcast however, they can just listen to it over the Internet instead.

3. Vlogging
Unlike uploading lectures to YouTube, vlogging is specifically geared to an audience over the Internet. The presenter talks directly to the camera (or directly to their online audience). Vlogging has become significantly more popular in the last three years or so, with YouTube personalities such as John Green, Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley uploading videos regularly, geared toward their online audience.