Self-Initiated Project Idea- Week 1

Since the first project idea for Viking FM fell through before even getting started, Ammie McGowan (my project partner) and I had to change our idea and client very quickly. Luckily for us, we were able to get in touch with Phil Ascough, a freelance writer who works for HullBID, who then helped us out and allowed us to go ahead and create an online show for HullBID’s Fashion Week.

Our project will include a series of videos available through our own mediums via the university, and will also be published to HullBID’s website. The online shows will document the lead-up and preparation of Fashion Week, with the final video being footage of the actual Hull Fashion Week event, with a behind-the-scenes look. We will get feedback and guidance throughout our production process from HullBID’s Alana Ennis, who is the Project and Events Manager. As well as guidance from Alana, Phil will provide us with help along the way, which will include contacting us whenever he will be attending a HullBID meeting etc. that could be helpful for Ammie and I to film.