Self-Initiated Project Brief

For this project, we hope to create two videos for HullBID about Hull Fashion Week 2014. This will include filming the events in the run up and during the Fashion Week, as well as photographing and interviewing the people taking part. We will create social media pages on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to interact with the people attending Fashion Week and updating people on which events we will be recording and photographing.

Our Twitter page @AmmieandJen will be updated the most during Fashion Week as more people are likely to see our tweets about the events, using the official Fashion Week hashtag: #hullfashion.

The events we want to include in our video are: the launch; the fashion shows; the Debenhams lock-in; and the ultimate catwalk finale on the final day of Fashion Week. Interviews that we hope to get will be with some of the retailers involved, the hosts of the finale event, the organisers, and the models.

As an additional project, we will be filming the final performance of Heads Up Festival, including interviews with the organisers and the playwright/actors involved in the production. We hope for this video to be less serious than our Hull Fashion Week video as that project is for our main client.