Self-Initiated Project: Week 4

This week, me and my project partner, Ammie, had two meetings with our clients; Corrina from Hull Fashion Week’s marketing company Sowden & Sowden, and Alana Ennis from event organisers HullBID.

As well as this, we were present for HullBID’s press release photo shoot; we filmed the shoot, and were photographed for said press release. As well as this, we were also interviewed by freelance HullBID employee Phil Ascough for the press release story.

During the meeting on Friday with Alana, we discussed HullBID’s role in the city centre community, Hull Fashion Week, and our proposed filming project- which was well-received by Alana and given the go-ahead.

As well as this, we also filmed at Heads Up Festival’s first night event, The Devil’s Chord. Ammie and I filmed vox populi with the play attendees. The footage from this was given to the playwright company Emsemble 52 and will be used by Ammie and I in one of our Self-Initiated Project videos.