Web Documentary Planning

Enter page: the enter page will just be a simple enter arrow at the bottom of the screen. When the user clicks on the button, the curtains of the theatre stage in the background will open, so the audience feels like they are delving deeper into theatre.

Home page: for my home page, I will have the same animated theatre stage as the background. The sections of the documentary will then pop up; for example, the playwrights, the plays, the audience’s thoughts, etc. Each of these will be represented by an animated image. E.g. playwright section = quill, plays = comedy/tragedy masks, audience reviews = audience silhouettes, etc. As well as this, the page will have a brief description of the documentary for the viewers to read.

Playwright section: each playwright will be featured on with an image, a rolling text box will be at the bottom of the page for the audience to read; whilst the viewers can read the information about the playwrights, they can scroll across the writer’s images and a reading of one of their works will play in the background. The user can control whether they want it to play by using the mute/unmute button in the bottom right corner of the page. The individual playwrights pages will give a more detailed understanding of the writers; a video slideshow of past work can be selected to watch, and an interview with the playwright can also be viewed. During the interview video, points will be highlighted so the user can click on the star and read more about the certain topic.

The play page will be similar, except short trailers of the plays will be able to be viewed instead. When the user selects a video, it will fill the screen; if the audience just wants to listen to the trailer, they can minimise the videos. When the videos have been minimised, information relating to the play they have selected will pop up for the user to read.

Audience reviews: in this section, a video slideshow of interviews with audience members will be shown. Questions and answers relating to the plays involved in Heads Up Festival. Like the individual playwright’s pages, they’ll be points in the videos when stars pop up for the user to select. They can read more about the topic of discussion.

This is a brief written plan of what my web documentary will include. I will research more into web documentaries on the Klynt website as I feel the immersive experiences on this platform are effective and can give me more inspiration for my own web documentary. I will then sketch out this plan for a visual representation.