Meeting with HullBID

As I have already stated, Ammie and I had a meeting with Alana Ennis from HullBID on Friday, March 21st. In this meeting, we has an in-depth discussion about what HullBID does for the city centre businesses, e.g. creating opportunities for increased footfall, making sure the city centre stays clean and presentable, and protecting business owners from vandalism and robberies. Alana also told us what will be happening during Fashion Week, and who will be involved (Primark, House of Fraser, St Stephen’s shopping centre, to name a few).

Ammie and I also took the chance to ask questions regarding what HullBID want from our film project; she was happy with what we had proposed, which was an two online shows about the lead-up to Fashion Week and Hull Fashion Week itself. Alana was happy for us to be included in the film, presenting and interviewing those taking part in the shows, and doing vox populi with the general public who attend the event.

Alana also told us that once we complete the films, they will be shown during a board meeting at HullBID, with Hull City Council members, Princes Quay owners, St Stephen’s owners, and Prospect Centre owners all in attendance.

Below is an email reply to Ammie from Alana in reference to us organising a meeting with her: