Article/Opinion Task- Week 2

Headline: “Is 7+ portions of fruit and veg per day an unrealistic expectation?”

Experts are reporting that a new study has found eating over seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day dramatically reduces the risk of developing heart disease and cancer. But is this figure daunting for the everyday man and woman?

I think yes, this is most definitely an unlikely target. Today’s everyman cannot afford to buy 49+ portions of fruit and vegetables a week. There is no doubt families will struggle to meet this recommended daily consumption.

The NHS says: “The headlines have been prompted by the results of a UK-based study that used information on more than 65,000 randomly selected adults who were participating in the Health Survey for England.

“This is an on-going health survey that looks at health and lifestyle factors such as fruit and vegetable consumption. The researchers followed up participants for an average of 7.7 years after their initial participation.

“The higher a person’s intake of fruit and vegetables, the greater the protective effects seemed to be.”

The Daily Telegraph even went so far as to say that “10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day are recommended” for a healthy diet. These figures show unworkable expectation for the everyday adult; people barely meet the five-a-day recommendation as it is.

Raising your intake of fruit and veg is obviously going to be healthier for your body, but who has the money to fund this? According to the Daily Mail, it is estimated that a family of four spend, on average, “over £1,500 more per year for fresh fruit and vegetables than more convenient options.”

It is extremely improbable that people in the UK can eat seven fruit and veg portions a day, and if they can, it will be one achievement that should receive appraisal.

The BBC stated that “experts said other lifestyle factors, such as not smoking or drinking excessively, may have accounted for the drop in mortality, not just fruit and veg consumption.”

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