Shot List

Elements that will be needed for my immersive web documentary:-

Enter page/home page

  • Animation of theatre stage as background

Home page

  • Moving animations of quill, theatre masks, and audience silhouettes representing the different web documentary sections
  • Audio reading of the introduction box (& sound control button)

Playwrights page

  • Images of playwrights
  • Voice overs of play scripts when the users scroll over images
  • Audio reading of the text box (& sound control button)

Individual playwrights pages

  • Video interviews with the playwrights involved in Heads Up Festival
  • Pop up info boxes during the video interviews
  • Videos of the playwrights’ past works (in slideshow)

Plays page

  • Trailers of the plays involved in Heads Up Festival 2014

Audience reviews

  • Video interviews with audience members from each Heads Up Festival performance
  • Pop up info boxes during video interviews