Filming- 3/5/2014

On Saturday, May 3rd, Ammie and I filmed the finale of Hull Fashion Week. This included getting interviews with business owners taking part in Fashion Week, some of the catwalk models, Polly the Fashion Week organiser, and hosts of the Ultimate Catwalk Finale, Lizzie Rose and Luke Chambers (aka Nineties Boy). As well as this, we shot some of the catwalk shows and performers throughout the day.

The experience was great, and we concluded filming getting all of the shots and interviews that we wanted to.


Dissertation Proposal

Gender Roles in the Broadcasting Industry

As I particularly enjoyed writing and researching the history of masculinity and femininity in the media I have decided to write about this topic for my dissertation in my third year. I feel that the topic is interesting and relevant, as nowadays gender equality is a prominent argument in our culture, as sexism still happens in the workplace and society in general.

Research topics:

  • Women in sports reporting
  • Male and female dynamics in news reporting
  • Comfort of females in the newsroom
  • Public views of female reporters versus male reporters

Image 1:

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 15.28.17