Client 1- Feedback from Paul Johnson

After we sent the two versions of the videos to Paul at the Hull Daily Mail, he gave us a little bit of feedback and said he preferred the longer version of the video, as opposed to the 60 second one.

Here is the email he sent back to us:


Client 1- Student Night Videos

These are the two videos Ammie and I filmed and edited for Hull Daily Mail. We created two versions of the story, one in a 60 second news bite, and one longer in length, to see which one our client, Paul Johnson, preferred to use on the Hull Daily Mail’s website. He ended up choosing the longer version, which he then published on the website.

We put up the videos on our social media, which was then retweeted by Hyperfruit and others:


The video was also used by Princes Quay on their website:


Shot List for the Student Lock-In

Ammie and I drew up a quick shot list of things we wanted to capture in our Student Lock-In video for the Hull Daily Mail:

  • Long shot of the full event
  • Close-ups of the stalls, for example the candyfloss stall, Nando’s, cupcake stand etc.
  • Long and medium shots of the different events around Princes Quay
  • Close-ups of interviewees
  • Panning shots of the events
  • Tracking shot of the scare vault experience, i.e. Ammie and I walking through the vault with the camera in hand

Meeting with Paul Johnson (Client 1)

Earlier today, Ammie and I went to the Hull Daily Mail to meet with Paul Johnson, the web editor for the newspaper. We discussed our idea to produce a 60 second news snippet video for their website. Paul responded well to our idea, and encouraged us to produce two versions of the video, one 60 seconds long, and then a longer version. We proposed the idea of filming at Princes Quay’s Student Lock-In event, happening on October 23. We agreed to produce two videos, our original 60 second clip, and then one 3 to 4 minutes long. Paul also requested that we get as many interviews as possible, including with people who work there and and organisers, discussing how the event has benefitted Princes Quay and if it has increased footfall. We gave ourselves a deadline to have the two videos edited by the day after the event, on October 24, 2014, so we can send it to Paul and it will still be relevant in the news.

Administrator at Viking FM

During my time here, my role was to assist with the Mission Christmas event organised by Viking FM’s Charity Team; this job included telephoning newspapers to recruit them as event partners, working the Viking FM fashion show and the Mission Christmas launch event, calling up and emailing businesses to be supporters and fundraisers, and filming beneficiaries/supporters for an online video.

October 2013 – January 2014

Social Media Consultant at Neonn

My job here entailed: managing the social media platforms of Neonn, including Twitter, Facebook, and the WordPress blog accounts. I interacted with possible clients on the networking sites and updated them daily/weekly with new company information. As well as this, over the Christmas month, I recruited (via social media) past clients and other businesses in the area to take part in a seasonal music video that Neonn produced.

October 2013 – March 2014

Survey Research for Student Magazine

Since I have decided to produce the Unimag for my final year Major Project, I wanted to get to know my audience more and see what they would like from a magazine aimed for them. I have put together a quick survey for students to fill out, using the website Survey Monkey.

Here is the link to my survey:

The results from this survey will indicate which stories and content that they would like to see in a magazine aimed at students 18+ in age.