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Guitarist-turned-author Stan Cullimore admits it is a journey into the unknown when he talks as part of the Beverley Literature Festival, which opens today.


Stan returns to East Yorkshire on Saturday (October 4) for this year’s Beverley Literature Festival to present Travels With My Uke: Writing Songs, Telling Stories, sharing some of his adventures, as well as hoping to create new songs together with the audience.

[30 second video]

When he became a father, he wrote the Henrietta books for his children. They were published to wide acclaim.

Stan obviously has a gift for writing children’s stories, having written more than 120 books, which have been published in more than 32 countries.

But with the busy schedule, can he ever see The Housemartins reforming?


“I cannot see it. We are all so busy with other things,” he said.

“It was fantastic fun and a really nice thing to do, but, as Paul once said, reforming would be a bit like going out with a girl when you’re a kid and having a great time, but then splitting up. You wouldn’t go back again.”