Meeting with Paul Johnson (Client 1)

Earlier today, Ammie and I went to the Hull Daily Mail to meet with Paul Johnson, the web editor for the newspaper. We discussed our idea to produce a 60 second news snippet video for their website. Paul responded well to our idea, and encouraged us to produce two versions of the video, one 60 seconds long, and then a longer version. We proposed the idea of filming at Princes Quay’s Student Lock-In event, happening on October 23. We agreed to produce two videos, our original 60 second clip, and then one 3 to 4 minutes long. Paul also requested that we get as many interviews as possible, including with people who work there and and organisers, discussing how the event has benefitted Princes Quay and if it has increased footfall. We gave ourselves a deadline to have the two videos edited by the day after the event, on October 24, 2014, so we can send it to Paul and it will still be relevant in the news.