Finding a Suitable Font

Whilst researching student magazines and looking for a front cover style, I decided to see if I could find a typeface that would look good and be effective for my Unimag. With my unisex audience in mind, I looked on the site Dafont to choose a suitable font for the front cover, and also for headlines and titles inside of my magazine.

The favourite typography I found was ‘Rezland’, which my sister also favoured the most. I feel that the style is simple and would be attractive to all of my audience demographics.


Other typefaces that I liked for my magazine were ‘Neuropolitical’ and ‘Neuropol’, which I thought both still suited a unisex student magazine. I may use these fonts for different stories inside Unimag.



Front Cover Research

In my research into student magazines, I came across an effective front cover style that would be suitable for my magazine. I didn’t want it to be too busy of colourful, but stylish, sleek and appealing to all ages and sexes. As a result, I have decided that my front cover should be a candid full body shot of one of my interviewees from the university; this means that students might recognise the face of the student and pick up the magazine, or be intrigued about its contents and decide to read it. My interviewee, Jools, will be photographed outside of the Hull School of Art & Design building to anchor the fact that some of the stories are HSAD-based.

This is the magazine front cover image that I got my inspiration from: